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We offer smart foods for hungry minds

Since 1970 our family owned and operated food service has specialized in crafting meals by placing a special emphasis on nutrition that encompasses food variety, menu intelligence & meal time appeal. Students who eat nutritious meals at school will be more receptive to lessons and activities in their classrooms.

Did you know? (We support local business)

FFS works with another local, family owned & operated company to help celebrate our favorite little customers!? The Lemonade Bakery specializes in Allergy conscience baking in a Nut & Egg free facility; and… It’s delicious! We offer ordering and delivery directly to the schools. Who doesn’t love a birthday treat with their classroom that everyone can enjoy?

Did you know? (We like to have fun)

Each year we come up with a new idea for our holiday card! This year we are holding a drawing contest that allows children to spark their creativity by drawing, and submitting, their favorite foods to see if their work of art will be the one that makes it on the cover. The submissions so far are Awesome & we can’t wait to see more!



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