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Fairfax Food Service would like to introduce Chef Michael Congrove as the Newest Member to our “Consultant Team”. Our objective with Chef Michael is to help FFS “Fresh’n-up” our Menu Options and evaluate many of the current Recipes. Chef Congrove has already developed over thirty new Leafy Greens and Salad Sides for our Private Schools that are current being introduced in a few select Private schools.

Here is a small teaser of the new Items: Asian Slaw, Citrus Salad with Crystalized Ginger, Classic Cucumber & Tomato Salad, Israeli Couscous Salad with olives and roasted tomatoes and artichoke hearts. Also, look for themed Salad Bars like Spanish and Lanai. We are excited about Partnering with Chef Congrove for upgraded menus, new and enhanced recipes, so FFS will continue to provide our clients with the best and meet the demands of our ever changing industry.

Now let me introduce Chef Congrove!

Michael Congrove brings over thirty two years of cooking, restaurant, catering and kitchen management experience to the Chef Consulting Business. Mike has expertise in French, European, Ethnic, Regional, and Contemporary American cuisines and has worked as a Chef, Executive Chef, Kitchen Manager and Chef Consultant.

His career began in Europe, where he apprenticed under Chef Ludwig Wagner in the Eifel/Mosel region of Germany for four years. He continued to hone his culinary skills in a full service restaurant serving contemporary American and European cuisine and opened an Italian style restaurant over the next four years. Michael retuned to the United States in 1988 and became an employee of our own Fairfax Food Service and Catering Company and has first-hand knowledge of our operation and clientele.

He then, was recruited to a position in the Washington DC metro area to work as Executive Chef for Holly Mason, Inc., Falls Church, VA (four years), Well Dunn Catering, Inc. WDC (eight years), and Corcoran Caterers, Inc., MD (eleven years). Some of the highlights for Michael during this period are cooking for Nancy Reagan, Barbara Bush, President Clinton, Vice President Gore and family, and Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich. He prepared a reception for 250 guests for the Vatican Papers exhibition at the Library of Congress and organized, prepared and served for Inauguration galas with three Presidents. Additionally, Michael built a scratch pastry program from the ground up and was highly instrumental in the tremendous growth of Corcoran Caterers, Inc. from 1.5 million to 7 million in annual sales. He also won a recipe contest sponsored by Andy Boy Produce Company of California using Rapini Broccoli in an original recipe promoting healthy, low fat, vegetarian, high protein meals.

He is well versed in menu and food preparation and creates recipes and dishes tailored to local tastes and specific dietary requirements such as Gluten-free, Vegetarian, Vegan, as well as allergen restrictions. He is highly skilled in plate presentation and garnishing techniques using natural products.

Michael is currently based in Neenah, Wisconsin and is consulting both locally and across the nation for a variety of Food Service venues. He is also working with local government, health care organizations and food service businesses with an ”Eat Smart” program initiative to promote healthier eating through using less fat, sodium and refined sugar in recipes for both business and home use.

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